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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Commercial Heavy Duty Truck Certification

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Tradeore B2B Marketplace - KAMAZ

There are many applicable specifications

In the last couple of years there has been many regulations which has been implemented when it comes to the certification of heavy-duty trucks. Because of the problems which are currently experienced with climate change and the greenhouse effect there are many countries that are implementing stricter regulations in order to control the impact which heavy-duty trucks have on the environment. All newly manufactured products must therefore meet PM filter requirements and there are many countries that have set timelines for when old trucks should be replaced in order to comply with new regulations.

Many countries manufacture heavy-duty vehicles

Heavy truck manufacturing is no longer limited to well developed countries but rather there are now many other countries who has entered into this industry such as Russia, India and China. Although such heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing was initially only focused on supplying in the need of those countries they have soon seen an opportunity to export those heavy-duty trucks to other countries. Russia had their Ural brand of heavy-duty trucks while China has CAM and India primarily Tata and many of these vehicles now find their way to foreign markets.

The guidelines for heavy duty vehicle registration

Because many countries have their own vehicle manufacturing industries they do not look kindly on the import of other vehicles which has been manufactured aboard. When such vehicles are allowed to enter into these countries they are required to meet certain very specific standards. There are also normally relatively high import costs involved with such imports. In order to regulate the import of foreign vehicles there are normally predetermined locations which has to be used in order to bring a new heavy-duty vehicle into a specific country. Before such a vehicle will be allowed to enter that country it must comply with very strict guidelines and it should be suitable for the conditions which that vehicle will encounter in that country. There are also the issue of left-hand or right-hand vehicles and depending on the country to which that vehicle are exported this will be a very important qualifying factor during such an important process.

Importing to the United Arab Emirates

Although the UAE are looking favorable upon trade with most foreign countries it nevertheless has very specific guidelines in order to effectively regulate all imports into that country. Customs fees are payable on most imports and some of the things which are especially needed before a specific import is cleared are the delivery order, the packaging list with its HS code, the import goods declaration, the original bill of landing, and customs will also require the Certificate of Origin with an original or an authentic copy. The UAE also acquire any person or institution who desires to do business within its borders to have a trade license which has been issued by the UAE authorities. This only some of the considerations which will be important when considering the exportation of heavy-duty vehicles into the UAE. It will be important to do sufficient research in order to ensure that all of the guidelines are fully complied with in order to avoid unnecessary complications.


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