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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Export Commodities of Pakistan

Exports have decreased in 2015

There have been a slight decrease in Pakistani exports during 2015 when compared to statistics which have been gathered in 2014. This follows on the excellent levels which has been a reached in 2013 which was the year in which the highest level of exports has been recorded in the history of Pakistan. All of these export statistics are updated regularly by the Pakistan Bureau of statistics.
Pakistan are exporting many commodities and goods among which are mineral fuels, various types of manufactured goods as well as beverages. Other exports include live animals as well as various kind of food types and also chemicals and other crude materials. The largest export partner of Pakistan is still the United States followed by China and UAR.

There has been a significant increase in the volumes of Pakistan’s basmati rice exports. This is good news after the export of rice has taken a substantial dip earlier in the year because of various factors such as poor marketing, and lower prices which was charged for equivalent products in India and also because of increases in prices of rice in Pakistan. There are expectations that exports can further increase because the price difference between Indian rice and those which are produced by Pakistan has narrowed significantly making Pakistani rice more attractive to importers of this product.
Another very important export product of Pakistan is spices and there are many producers of various kind of spices in Pakistan that are exporting their products on a continuous basis. The same thing is true for all fruit related products as well as the dried fruits as well as peanuts, almonds, and various other nut products.

Pakistan also export raw cotton and other textile products such as cotton yarn. Various kinds of leather and products which is being manufactured from leather are continuously exported. There are also excellent manufacturers of carpets and rugs and a very large quantity of tents are also manufactured in Pakistan which are being export to foreign markets.

Pakistan is also an exporter of surgical instruments as well as synthetic textiles and even various kinds of sporting equipment. There are also many manufacturers of ready-made garments which contribute handsomely to the overall export scenario of Pakistan. Various type of food related products such as fish, fruit and even vegetables are continuously exported as well is various types of engineering goods and also pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Although Pakistan has an open policy which allows for trade with many different countries it is a well-known fact that their major export destinations is still the US, Japan, Germany, the UK and Hong Kong. Almost 30% of all Pakistani exports find their way to the US. The next biggest partners is Germany and the UK. Exports to Japan has been declining in recent years and are now contributing to any one percent of the total exports of Pakistan which is significantly lower than the 5.7% of a decade ago. There is widespread agreement that in order to ensure more vigorous growth Pakistan will have to diversify both in terms of the markets with whom they deal with and also in terms of the commodities which are being exported.


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