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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Investing in Sri Lanka

There are many investment opportunities

Most investors are in agreement that there are first-rate business opportunities in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is seen as an undisputed leader in this South Asian region and is likely to have a lasting impact on the whole Indian Ocean region. Some of the benefits of the economic strength of Sri Lanka are even overflowing to India. Because of the similar ideologies an almost identical cultures there has been a long-standing partnership between these two nations and this is exactly why the economic strength of Sri Lanka are widely welcomed by their Indian neighbors. That is why there are a long term objective where India are seeking closer cooperation with Sri Lanka.

Rapidly growing cities

In 2015 Colombo which are serving as the economic and the administrative center of Sri Lanka has been recognized as the fastest growing city on the planet. This was determined in a study which was carried out by MasterCard during 2015. Although there was strong competition from other growing cities such as Abu Dhabi and Chengdu in China, Colombo nevertheless emerged as the overall winner. The reason for the staggering growth which are seen in the city are because of the extensive development which has been carried out after the three decades of war which has been seen in this region. This city has growth rate of 21% annually which makes it very attractive for global investors.

Linking India and Sri Lanka by road

There are a general agreement that a road link between India and Sri Lanka would definitely do a lot for economic growth in the region. Such a road are likely to be built across Palk Strait and according to early estimates it will consist of sections of Sea Bridge and also sections of underwater tunnels. Underwater tunnels will make it easier to maintain shipping traffic through this region. This venture should not be difficult to accomplish because the distance which has to be covered is only about 23 km. However once this bridge has been built it is likely to increase the amount of traffic which are taking place between India and Sri Lanka. This in itself will certainly lead to a substantial amount of economic growth in both of these countries. There is currently a ferry service between India and Sri Lanka but there can be no doubt that the more permanent connection will be a substantial improvement.

The growing tourism industry of Sri Lanka

One of the areas where there has been a very large expansion was in the area of cruise tourism. According to statistics this industry serves over 20 million travelers annually. This is exactly why the tourism department of Sri Lanka are expanding its interests in this region. The reality of the matter is that Sri Lanka provides an endless list of opportunities to interested investors and most investments which are done with the necessary care and after sufficient research should be very lucrative and profitable. Another very excellent opportunity is also the stock market of Colombo which has seen excellent growth in recent years.

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