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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Citroen Berlingo - A Multi Purpose Van

 by Barry Summers

 The French automaker Citroen manufactures all type of motor vehicles. Once known for its high end quirky models with air suspension and luxurious interiors the company also produces many main stream vehicles that are sold throughout Europe. Once such vehicle is the Citroen Berlingo.

The Berlingo is a small van style vehicle with large windows and seating for up to seven passengers. This vehicle was first introduced in 1996 and has now been marketed through two generations. The newest Berlingo Multispace is a modern version of the classic minivan concept. The vehicle closely resembles the Peugeot Partner which is built by corporate stable mate Peugeot in France. Since its introduction there have been several varieties of Citroen Berlingo vans for sale worldwide.

In Britain the Berlingo Multispace is the newest version of this compact automotive multipurpose vehicle. There are several features to the line-up that make the Berlingo stand apart from the similar offerings from other manufacturers. With truly adaptive seating the interior of this minivan can be configured in many ways. There is seating for up to seven people with three rows of seating available. The middle row of three seats provides good passenger space and fold down aircraft style tables are available. The tables fold down from the rear of the front seats to allow second row occupants to have a work space in the vehicle. The British market has seven available models of the Berlingo.

From the basic VT to the upscale XTR the range of offerings is complete. Each model provides the basic Berlingo package with the multipurpose interior. Engine options include a line of either petrol or diesel powerplants. The petrol inline four cylinder engine will provide outstanding petrol mileage with a combined rating over thirty. The engine will easily bring the vehicle to top speeds over 100 miles per hour. The diesel engines are all assisted by turbochargers. The three inline four variations of the turbo diesel provide power and torque to the small vehicle while returning very good mileage figures of over fifty.

The top of the line XTR and the VTR Family Pack Berlingo models offer a full range of standard features including air conditioning, vehicle stability control and MY Way optional navigation system. The comfortable and fully adjustable seating allow passengers to travel in comfort. Standard features include such things as power windows and locks and an audio system with optional CD and MP3 players.

A 2011 Citroen Berlingo for sale at dealers throughout the United Kingdom may also be configured as a cargo van. New van prices begin at 14,400.00 pounds for the Multispace VT models. There are also Citroen Berlingo vans for sale which are used for commercial purposes and do not have added interior seating or rear windows. These commercial versions may also be purchased at dealers throughout the U.K.

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