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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ford Ranger - The Low Down

 by Barry Summers

 There are trucks and then there are trucks. Some trucks are designed to have a large towing and bed capacity. These trucks will have very large engines and will in general be very large. They are designed not for gas mileage but for towing power. They are big, large and suck up a-lot of fuel. They're also very expensive. The more common style of truck is the smaller sized vehicle. These trucks still have quite a bit of power, have body on frame technology and are larger than normal sized cars. They still get good petrol consumption and are a good option for people who are looking for a truck.

The Ford Ranger is such a truck. Ford has quite a number of different styles of trucks. Some are larger and others are smaller. The Ford Ranger is the smallest truck (truck being defined as a vehicle with a bed) that they offer. It comes in a few different options as far as engine size. If you're looking for the best fuel economy you should get the 4 cylinder engine. It gives off just under 150 horsepower at 5,250 RPM. The main advantage to the 4 cylinder is the fuel consumption. You're going to get approximately 22 miles to the gallon in the city and 27 on open roads. Those are very impressive numbers for a truck.

If you're looking for more power go for the 4.0L V6. This engine is almost twice as big as its 4 cylinder cousin. It puts out approximately 50 more horsepower than the 4 cylinder which puts you at around 207 horses. You still get some pretty impressive consumption numbers as well; 16 in the city and 21 on rural mileage. It's no economy car but for a truck it's still excellent gas mileage.

If you opt for the V6 when shopping for Ford Rangers for sale you can tow up to 5800 pounds. Since it is a small and light truck you will need to be careful with such large loads. However, the possibility is always there. Another great thing about Ford Ranger vans for sale is a technology that lets you shift into 4WD on the go. Normally cars have to stop, be put into neutral and then shift into 4x4. With the Ranger you get 4x4 on the go. With the simple press of a button your car is now spinning both axles. This is a great way to get yourself out of sticky situations.

All in all the Ranger is a great choice for someone looking for large towing capacity out of a small package. You'll end up saving thousands of dollars on both the price tag and the diesel you're saving!

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