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Monday, January 9, 2017

How to judge advertising creative

 by Nadeem Ahmed Khan

 Advertising is all about communicating with the consumers. Here, audiences would typically pay attention to the advertisement only if it is creative, attractive and provide information about the product which is useful for them.  

While creating and formulating the advertising campaign first we need to decide on how we can make it different from other competitor’s advertisement. How creatively we can put the information through content, images, audio and video so that the information will reach to the audiences in a catchy and engaging manner.

For this we need to judge our advertising creative so that we can learn how effective it would be to achieve objectives.

Judging the advertising creative is not easy. You’ve got to balance the head, the heart and the gut against the good of the brand.

Do you love what it can do for your brand? If you don’t love the advertisement creative which you have created, how do you expect your consumer to love it? A great advertisement has to have everyone’s heart and soul put into it. You have to feel great about your advertisement creative because it you only “like” it then it will be “Ok” in the end but if you love it then only you will fight for it.

Is it on Strategy? While planning advertising campaign we must chart down some strategy which we should follow while executing it. While judging the advertising creative we must look for the answer in the advertisement, an expression of what we have been writing in our strategy documents.

Does it have a concept/an Idea? The advertisement campaign has to build on an idea that is scalable. A concept that can easily be extended on all media platforms for a long period of time.

Be part of the Story. If an advertising campaign is able to tell a story about the brand or the product its all the more better. Advertisement campaign has to be creative enough to narrate a story easily and effectively without any misinterpretation.

Is it telling the truth? Advertisements should always be truthful; otherwise it bounces back on the brand.

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