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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Know All About Packing Materials

 by Ishan Goradiya

 Packing is art and science of protecting and covering the items or products for the purpose of storage, sale, transportation, distribution and use. The methods of evaluation, designing and manufacturing of packages are also included in the process of packing. Packing is an organized process of getting the goods ready for variety of purposes such as transport, sale, warehousing, storage, logistics and end user. The process of packing is also helpful for purposes of conservation, transportation, preservation and sale of goods.

Packing can be of many types such as consumer packing, distribution packing and transportation packing. Consumer packing is consumer oriented and distribution and transportation packing is done for the purpose of distribution and transportation of goods and products in safe and secure manner.

One important type of packing is product packing and this type of packing involves the packing of different types of products such as medical devices, chemicals, drugs, food items, military items, pharmaceutical products to keep them safe from all the wear and tear.

Broad Categories:

The process of packing can also be divided into three broad categories such as Primary packing, secondary packing and Tertiary packing.

- Primary packing: material remains in the direct contact with product item and it provides basic and primary coverage to product.

- Secondary packing: is the second layer of packing on the product and it helps in gathering the products of primary packing.

- Tertiary packing: is useful for pursuits of storing, warehousing, transportation and bulk handling of products and items.

Different types of packing material are used for different types of products and items and the important factors, which are kept in mind while choosing packing material for goods. Some important factors of products for deciding right material for packing are weight, strength, value and the nature of product whether it can be affected by moisture or unfair conditions. The common material, which is used for process of packing, is as follows:

- Plastic: It is very popular material for packing and it is lighted weighted, cheap and strong material for purpose of packing. This type of material remains available in market in many sizes and shapes.

- Metal: Metal is very solid material which is popularly used for packing food products such as  beers, packed food items, soft drinks etc. The common metals used for this purpose are tin and aluminum.

- Cardboard: It is reusable packing material and is used in form of sheets and boxes.

- Glass: This is best material for packing food items and especially liquid food items. This is reusable, strong and unchangeable packing material.

- Shrink Wrap: This material is mainly used for storing and protecting commercial goods such as DVDs and CDs. It is also helpful for packing perishable food materials and it saves the products against moisture.

- Brick Carton: It is light weighted, strong and air tight packing material. It is chiefly used for storage of liquids.  

- Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap is one of the rare packaging materials and it is used for packing fragile items as it is helpful in providing a cushioning layer to goods.

Ishan Goradiya is an experience writer  and loves writing about variety of topics. He is writing on san diego packing supplies

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