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Monday, January 9, 2017

Making More Exciting Brochures with Some Surprising Design Concepts

 by Colleen Davis

 Let us make your brochures more exciting. These days, you will need to surprise and excite your readers with your color brochures. Competition is tough really, and the best brochures are the ones that bring in the most creativity and innovation into the table. So for your brochure's sake, you should listen to these five very interesting, effective and of course surprising design concepts for commercial brochures.

1. Enlarged and super sized brochures - Large brochures are exciting. Why? Well because large brochures offer a large possibility of learning, content and excitement. People cannot resist something very large, especially if it is a brochure with full color pictures that are large and appealing.

So if your goals are to excite and attract readers to reading your color brochures, you might want to just go for super sizing them. Believe me this works in most cases and the overly large brochures can really make an impact on a market.

2. Super-minimalist design concepts - You can also try another very surprising approach to color brochures. You can use a super minimalist design concept. With all the other very exciting and intricate type of designs used today for color brochures, many readers will be quite shocked and surprised at a brochure that is just too minimal and simple for comfort.

By just using a simple block or subtle gradient color with your brochures and then using simple un-enhanced fonts and block pictures, you can a good minimalist design that is actually quite appealing. People will appreciate this simple approach, something that might look fresh and exciting when compared to the crowded and crazy designs as of late.

3. Advanced brochure mimicry - Another cool trick to use is to go for advanced brochure mimicry. You can basically make your custom brochures look very exciting and memorable by making it look like something else. For example, you can make it look like a plank of wood, or maybe you can develop a design that makes it look like a wallet, a mobile phone or even a small computer tablet.

Whatever the gimmick and the situation, your brochures with mimicked designs can really be interesting and exciting for most. Some may even keep your brochures as a novelty item since the design is interesting. So if you want to try something a bit different, you might want to for advanced brochure mimicry when you can.

4. Exotic material use - You can also opt for the use of very exotic materials. From standard paper, you can go and choose something more substantial and exotic. For example, you can use very thick textured paper to make your brochures look more robust.

You can also try using metallic inks and embedded reflectors to make the brochures shine and reflect the light. This of course makes your brochures really formidable and exciting at the same time. Just make sure that you use those exotic materials though in the right way and sparingly.

5. Alternative shapes and folds -Lastly, you can try to make waves with your brochures and use alternative shapes and folds. Everyone will be staring at those brochures that just don't look like the typical trifold brochure. With different configurations and fold elements you can really make waves, impress readers and of course make your prints a little bit more memorable than usual.

Great! Why don't you start trying some of these out? These are very easy enough to do and of course you'll reap the benefits easily with your markets becoming more excited and engaged with your color brochures.

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