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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Concept Of Internet Of Things In Day To Day Life

by Andrew Schoolmeister

 The world is changing at a fast pace. You find the internet all over us at present. If you find this as overwhelming, it would be impossible for you to imagine the situation about ten years from now. In the future, the internet would be controlling every aspect of the humans. As more and more devices connect to the internet, this would be very much a possibility. It is under these circumstances that we look at the definition of the internet of things.

The concept

About fifteen to twenty years ago, the mobile phone was in its infancy. If someone had said that the same would rule the world one day, they would have laughed it off as a joke. However, the reality is that the mobile phones have traversed the journey in very quick time. You have the smartphone doing everything that a computer can. In fact, people prefer to use the smartphone more than the computer does, for surfing the net and performing activities on the internet such as paying bills, etc.

This is only one aspect of the internet of things philosophy. If you want to go to the root of the matter, we should examine the internet of things definition in detail. The literal definition of the internet of things states that it is the internet working of physical devices and smart devices so that they exchange information between each other. In other words, you can call it as the machine-to-machine sharing of information.

The changing concept

The internet is evolving day by day. Today, you can do a variety of things using the internet. One example of the internet of things would be the unmanned satellites in space that communicate with each other and share vital information. Another example of the internet of things would be the driverless cars that could hit the road anytime in the future. These cars have embedded sensors in them that would enable them to visualize or sense any obstruction in the way and take corrective action. These may be complicated examples of the internet of things.

The simpler concept

The above examples would be highly advanced stages of the internet of things. The simpler examples closer to home would be the controlling the electronic items in the house using the mobile phone. Other examples would be controlling the blood pressure and other health monitoring features using the smart watches.

The characteristics of internet of things

There are certain characteristics that define the internet of things. They are as follows:

- You need connectivity for the concept of the internet of things to work. At the same time, you would also require the compatible devices as well.

- The second characteristic is the data or the information that passes from one device to another.

- Communication between the two devices is very important for the analysis of the data shared between the devices.

- Naturally, you need a bit of intelligence as well. We are not referring to the human intelligence, but the intelligence of the devices. This is the artificial intelligence concept.

- The final characteristic is the action or the result of all the communication and the intelligence.

Final words

The day would not be far away when the computers would be using the man rather than the other way around. Then we can say, "Every computer has its day."

John Ferdinand is the author of this article on Internet of Things. Find more information, about Internet of Things definition.

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