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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The current resource development in Myanmar

A country with potential

For a very long time Myanmar has been a country who has been in economic and political isolation. However this situation are changing because today there are indications that economic growth is increasingly possible in this region. Myanmar could very well turn out to be one of the most spectacular performers in the Asian region if they could find a way to optimize its resources. There are a few areas which has been identified as the most viable options such as the strategic geographical location which Myanmar enjoys between some of the emerging giants in the region and many people are in agreement that Myanmar will also benefit from the current integration process in Asia. The population of Myanmar are increasingly youthful and this provides Myanmar with an effective labor force which are likely to attract foreign investment.

Valuable resources

Myanmar actually possesses various types of natural resources and it has a reasonably competitive agricultural development program. Then they have the ability to generate renewable energy and in particular hydropower. Myanmar are becoming increasingly popular for the foreign investor because of the investment opportunities which exists in various sectors such as telecommunications and also in the tourism industry. In order to make the best of the available resources it is vital that effective long-term planning be done in order to ensure that the current sources remain sustainable and that they will continue to provide benefits to this country.

Currently Myanmar is still a very poor country

Regardless of all the potential which exists in Myanmar it is still one of the very poorest countries in the Asian region and the government will have to overcome many challenges in order to bring about real and lasting change. Although this situation are no longer as desperate as it used to be in previous decades a lot of work has to be done in order to sustain the current development momentum. This is exactly why it is necessary to do an accurate analysis of the available resources in Myanmar and then to devise a long-term plan that will ensure maximum growth that can be maintained over many decades thereby allowing Myanmar to develop as much as possible and to become a serious competitor with in the Asian region.

Myanmar is receiving a lot of attention

In 2011 a special report has been released where in most of the opportunities which are available in Myanmar have been thoroughly investigated. It was during this time that the country initiated some significant economic and political reforms and that is why the 2011 report endeavor to examine the strengths and weaknesses of Myanmar and to determine the specific risks and other challenges which will have to be considered when an investment in Myanmar is considered. It has however become abundantly clear that there are many opportunities and with a substantial investment very lucrative profits may be possible and the rewards of such an investment could possibly be extended over several decades. It may however be best to partner with local entrepreneurs which are more familiar with the opportunities that exists in Myanmar. Read more!