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Monday, January 9, 2017

Universal Testing Machine

 by Jamie S Hanson

 Companies need machines for testing their product and the procured materials. Hence they require consistent, reliable and accurately calibrated machines to get exact testing results in their end product. Testing machines are available for different type of testing for material and products. Apart from universal testing machines there are several other machines which are equally crucial, they are hardness tester and impact tester. However, universal testing machine is the most widely used machine in laboratories for quality control in various fields, which include metallic products e.g. automotive parts, metal wire and pipe, nylon wire, plastic, rubber, textile and clothes, packaging and so on, for tension, compression and bending, peer and tear test. This tester could be used for tests conforming to the following standards: ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS or JIS standards.

The use of these machines helps in detecting low quality product, and thereby controls the costing of the end product. Universal testing machines are put to use in the laboratories of different industries to ascertain the mechanical capabilities of their tensile stress, compression strength and bending test. The metal or plastic quality is deduced by its stretching load, elongation, elasticity and the yield level.One of the most crucial test result is elastic modulus, it is the mathematical explanation of an object or substance's inclination to be deformed elastically (temporary) when a force is applied to it. The elastic modulus of an object is defined as the slope of its stress-strain curve in the elastic deformation region. The stress-strain bend is a graphical representation of the relationship between stress, taken from measuring the load applied on the sample, and strain, derived from computing the deformation of the sample.

The software that comes with Obsnap's Universal testing machine shows in the graph the properties of the tested metal or plastic. As and when you increase the load for elongation the graph projects the particular quality of the materials from which you can decide whether you can use it in manufacturing your items according to the specs or reject the same because it is unsuitable for the purpose. The machine software allow constant rate of extension by programming the crosshead speed, conduct cyclical testing, testing at constant force and testing at constant deformation. The universal testing machines commonly have two columns but single columns are also available for low test force.

The Obsnap instruments provide the most appropriate testing machine for all purposes. Their product design is solid and classy, with quality that is dependable, consistent and for professional use. Their aim is customer satisfaction and thus they take utmost care to provide the best machine for specific testing purpose. They have tie-up with foremost manufacturers and supply the perfect brand equipment. They undertake repairs and calibration and also supply vital parts for the machine. You can log into their web page to find all the details that you intend to know.

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