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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Useful Firefox Toolbars

by Chris C Ducker

 Firefox toolbars are helpful at quickly getting access to some of your favorite tools. The sad fact though is that they are being compared with spam and spyware. But if you choose carefully, you will be able to find some that are really very functional.

Here is a list of some useful Firefox toolbars for power surfers:

- Anonymization

This tool bar gives you anonymosity, which means that you can surf around the Internet without leaving a trace behind.

- FoxLingo

The Internet is a global platform; therefore, it is expected to be written in all languages. FoxLingo is a language translation toolbar that can translate automatically pages that are written in a foreign language. It also allows you to write in your own language while executing researches in a foreign site.

- Google Advanced Operations Toolbar 

This search engine toolbar allows you to use a variety of alternatives to narrow down your searches and therefore increasing the possibility of finding only the most useful results. This toolbar is very useful in remembering all the useful results. With the drop down menu, you can easily view your searches.

- Groowe Toolbar

As there are many toolbars available and most of them are really functional and with great features, you do not have the strength to resist loading them. The problem with this is you can overload and that may cause your browser to run slow and you may also lose needed screen space. Groowe is one tool bar that has the functions of many tool bars. The drop down menu will allow you to swift between functions easily therefore getting into whatever you are doing faster.

- Netcraft 

This useful tool bar protects you from being phished by providing you with information that might interest you on the site that you are visiting. With more knowledge, you are more protected and learning everything you can about a site will give you that edge.

- Preferences Toolbar

This tool bar allows you to view preferences and settings without having to dig them out thus saving time. All those controls will be displayed for easy access; simply put, this toll bar customizes your settings for your convenience.

- RoboForm

Roboform is Firefox password manager and it allows you to manage multiple usernames and passwords; it can even generate new ones for you. With this tool bar, you can log in completely synchronized without worrying about remembering too many passwords.

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