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Monday, January 9, 2017

Using Promotional Merchandise to Generate Business

 by Justin Bregar

 Promotional items have long been used to promote businesses around the world, but it is how you use them that will affect your success as a business and the growth of your custom. If you choose to give away different items to promote your business then you can vary them to specify what you will give away to whom. If you have lots of different clients of all different ages then you may want to differentiate what you choose to give away. If you giving away clothing items for example then you may want to give something like a hoodie away to younger generations and something more classic to the more mature clientele.

Who will you give your products to?

Think about who you will give away your product to. You might have some very influential clients that you work with and you may want to give them some high end gifts like brief cases or cuff links. If your clients are particularly influential then you can expect that they will talk about you to other clients and colleagues, which in turn will raise your profile significantly. Generating business is about promoting yourself and getting people to want to use your company, and what better way to do this than with promotional business.

Raising your profile in your local community

It may be that you want to direct your energy to your existing customers or those that you think you will attract on a more regular basis. Securing the loyalty of your everyday customer may be the key to your success, and thanking them with gifts or encouraging them to think of you with promotional merchandise is certainly one way to do this. Your customers may be local members of the community and so thinking of clever ways of raising your profile, such as supporting a local youth football team by purchasing their kit could be a great way to do this.

Things to think about when creating your promotional merchandise

You might want to find out what community events are being held in your area and attend them so that you can hand out flyers or promotional items that will encourage community members to think of you. Ensure that all of the items you hand out are of good quality as anything that is poorly made may be detrimental to your reputation. Another consideration is making sure you have the right quantity because attending an event where you do not have enough to give out to all who want them can also be detrimental. Of course it is important to consider your own costs and so thinking of items that you can produce cheaply but to a good standard in large supply, will help you immeasurably.

Other ideas you could try

You could thank your existing customers with gifts so that they will continue to come to you. This will not only encourage loyalty but motivate them to talk to their friends about you because they were so impressed with their experience. In this way, your existing customers will promote your business for you. There are lots of ideas that are open to you but being as creative and thoughtful as possible will pay dividends in the long run.

Justin Bregar is a freelance author who writes on various topics related to Promotional Merchandise, to find our more about him visit his website here.

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