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Friday, January 6, 2017

What is a Partnership Agreement?

 by Nicholas Copernicus

 A partnership agreement is a legal document, which outlines and governs how a partnership will be managed. Having one will prevent any disagreements later on down the road by clearly outlining each person's responsibilities and objectives. Not having one will most likely eventually lead to conflicts, confusion, and possibly even lawsuits. To often partnerships fail because of choosing to negligently ignore creating a legal agreement.

There are also other benefits some one could enjoy by creating a legal partnership agreement. By creating one they can avoid their state's default rules about partnership operation. Just by filing this document they can avoid those rules and set their own to follow. A lot of partnerships decide to file the form just for this reason alone.

Partnership agreements can be as simplistic as the creator likes, they don't have to be complex. It is important though that the creator be as specific as possible so that some one, like a judge, could easily interpret the document. There are a few things though that every well-made agreement should have. First, it will contain all of the major details about the management and each partner's percentage of ownership. Second, it will contain each partner's percentage of the profits. Thirdly, it will contain how disputes or conflicts will be settled and if one wishes, it can even contain when meetings will be held.

There's also some more information that every partnership agreement should have. It will need each partner's full name and any trade names the business will use, the exact length of time the partnership will last, the partnership's purpose, and each partner's contributions and investments. Also, it will need a statement on how profits and losses are shared, details about any salary paid to a partner, how a partner can leave the partnership, whether business outside the partnership is allowed, how partners can be expelled, and how new partners can be brought in.

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