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Friday, January 6, 2017

Workers Compensation UK

 by Lindsay Nolan

 Workers compensation UK helps the workers and their families, to claim for compensation for injuries, illness or death that occurs due to carelessness, negligence or inadequate training in any workplace.

Accidents can occur unexpectedly and can disrupt the smooth functioning of day to day life. Carelessness is the prime cause of accidents, which could result in injury or even death. The worker must be careful to follow all the existent rules and regulations meticulously. But still, accidents do happen. However minor or major the injury may be, the victim is entitled to claim for a compensation. For workplace injuries, the worker is fully advised by the solicitor, about their legal rights, and helps them claim the appropriate compensation. A solicitor will assess the case, gives legal advice and also represents the victim in court if needed or else settle for an out of court settlement, if feasible.

Compensations are crucial for the victim and his family as well; especially if the family was being fully supported financially by the victim before the accident. Workers compensation UK helps an accident victim to fund an ongoing medical expense and in case of emergency to bear the huge burden of the victim's treatment. During the treatment in the hospital, the worker would not have been able to earn a living and the family would have lost the worker's earnings.

Health hazards occur for workers exposed to dangerous working environments which will make them retire earlier, due to ill health. It is the employer's duty to provide safe working conditions for their employees. The employees have to be properly trained, advised and supervised. In addition, the work place equipments and other materials have to be periodically inspected and maintained and conform to acceptable standards.

Future earnings, promotions and pensions will be taken into consideration, if the work place injury has left the worker incapable of working for the rest of their lives. Due to the injury, if special adaptations have to be made to their homes or to their car to suit their disability; after assessing the cost, a claim can be submitted. Expenses incurred for purchasing equipments like wheel chair or staircase-lift can be claimed.

In case of fatal accidents, funeral expenses and the expenses of dependant relatives, for their day to day living, are taken into consideration for the commutation of compensation. Though the compensation can never replace or make up for what has happened, it still can make a difference to help the victim and their family to carry their lives forward.

Workers compensation UK supports victims of workplace harassing, bullying, and discrimination on basis of race, sex, religion or unfair dismissal from work or workplace crimes like assault, rape, murder and also work-related stress problems. The UK is a place where the employer has to do all that he can to make the lives of these employees at work safe and sound. As an employer if you want to do well then the welfare of your employees has to be your priority.

All you workers in UK, if you want to get to know about
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